Development of Hand and Finger Skills

Fine Motor

Normal development

When to seek help

  • Grasps in several ways (eg: just using fingertips for smaller items, two hands for larger toys), depending on the activity
  • Squeezes or pulls playdough apart
  • Turns rotating handles
  • Grasps pencil with thumbs and fingers instead of fist
  • Stacks 7 – 8 small blocks
  • Threads shoelace in bead
  • Uses paint and paint brush
  • Screws and unscrews jar lids
  • Uses small beads and pegs
  • Holds object with one hand while using the other
  • Has stiff or floppy arms or fingers
  • Has trouble holding, turning or moving toys during play
  • Showing little interest in playing with a range of toys
  • Grasps everything in the same way
  • Cannot stack blocks
  • Cannot use two hands together to play with items