2014-15 Round 1 Scholarship Grant Recipients

Keith Brandy ($3,000)

Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 (renew) in Fitness

Joshua Roberts ($2,697)

purchasing a laptop and the appropriate software to help your studies as part of your traineeship program

Matthew Kerwin ($5,000)

course fees to undertake and complete a Bachelor of Commence at the University of Canberra

Sussanah Pedro ($2,768)

towards purchasing a laptop, textbooks, stationary and printer to assist to complete studies

Taneshia Atkinson ($3,138)

towards purchasing a laptop and software to assist with university studies

Nicole Ashby ($2,721.95)

Diploma in Government and Diploma in Project Management

Carlie Anne Kelly ($5,000)

towards the cost of studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Jodi Knight ($2,703)

towards purchasing a computer, software and printer to support studies

Clinton Scott-Knight ($4,000)

purchasing a computer, text books and hecs fees to assist with studies at University

Jessie-Anyon Barry ($1,800)

towards purchasing a laptop, Microsoft Word and text books to assist with studies in the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program

Jimmy Robert Kapeen ($4,000)

towards purchasing a laptop, software and text books to assist with studies at University of Canberra