Strategic Policy

The Strategic Policy unit works on a broad range of whole of directorate and whole of government policy activities, and provides support for intergovernmental activities and policy advice to Government.

Whole-of-Government activities

  • Development of an ACT Volunteer Statement
  • Oversight of inter-governmental policy matters
  • Progressing community sector reforms
  • Strategic policy advice and support to the Directorate Executive and the Office of the Minister
  • Implementation of the Community Sector Portable Long Service Leave schemeExternal Link
  • Implementation of The Social Compact (a statement of understanding about the relationship between the ACT Government and the community sector) - The Social Compact
  • Implementation of The Community Sector Funding Policy
  • Development of an ACT Government Concessions Policy and Assistance PortalExternal Link
  • Community consultation on the Carers Charter
  • Implementation of the Caring for Carers Policy and Action Plan
  • Progressing initiatives that address gambling policy issues

Whole of Directorate activities

  • Secretariat to the Directorate’s Human Rights Advisory Committee
  • Implementation of the Directorate’s Human Rights Policy
  • Implementation and oversight of Service Partnership Agreements

Councils and forums

  • Co-ordination of briefings for the Community and Disability Services Minister’s Conference (CDSMC) and the Community and Disability Services Minister’s Advisory Council (CDSMAC)External Link
  • Secretariat for the Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG)

Previous activities

  • Review of Philanthropy in the ACT
    • Report of the Review of Philanthropy in the ACT
    • ACT Government's response to the report
  • Implementation of the ACT Government Grants Portal External Link
  • Development of the Directorate's Service Delivery Platform
  • Review of Administrative Requirements of Non-Profit Organisations in the ACT (Red Tape Review)
  • Review of Statutory Oversight and Community Advocacy Agencies
  • Review of the Children and Young People Act 1999