Diversity Register

The ACT Government recognises and values our diverse community. It is important that this diversity is reflected in appointments to boards and committees and in leadership roles, to ensure the voices of women, and people with diverse experiences and backgrounds are heard.

Further information can be found on the Diversity Register webpage.

2017 Annual Report Card

2017 Annual Report Card - ACT Office for Women

The ACT Women's Plan 2016-2026

ACT Women's Plan 2016-26

The ACT Women’s Plan 2016-26 is underpinned and guided by key principles:

  • Equality - of opportunity, access, security and independence
  • Non-discrimination - freedom from any form of discrimination, including assignment of stereotypical gender based roles
  • Intersectionality - key to understanding and responding to the needs of all women and girls is an understanding of the intersection of gender with other factors such as race, culture, disability, sexuality, experience of violence and economic status; and how women can face multiple and compounding levels of discrimination and vulnerability as a consequence
  • Everyone’s responsibility- the necessity to work with women and men, across government, with non-government organisations, business and community to achieve gender equality
  • Diversity - every woman is valued for her uniqueness
  • Safety - all women and girls have the right to safety and to live without fear.

From July to October 2009, the Office for Women in partnership with the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women undertook consultations to inform the next Women's Plan. Three reports outlining community feedback are available:

Taking stock - Reporting on the ACT Women's Plan (2004-09) Indicators of Success [PDF 97KB]
Looking Forward - Informing a new plan for ACT women and girls Discussion Paper [PDF 173KB]

Violence against Women

Domestic Violence - Stop it at the Start

Women's Safety Audit