Celebrate their Achievements - Award Programs for ACT Women and Girls

There are many ways to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women and girls in our community.

If you know an outstanding woman or girl who has made a significant contribution to the community, you may consider nominating her for one of the following award programs as a way of formally recognising her achievements.

The opening and closing dates for each awards program will vary each year and you may need to contact the organiser of the award program before to submitting the nomination.

ACT Women’s Awards

Congratulations to the finalists and recipients of the 2016 ACT Women's Awards announced on International Women's Day 8 March 2016.

2016 ACT Women's Awards Recipients

2016 ACT Women's Awards Finalists

The ACT Women’s Awards honour individual women who have made an outstanding contribution to the lives of women and girls in the ACT.


  • ACT Woman of the Year
  • ACT Senior Woman of the Year
  • ACT Young Woman of the Year

In 2016 an additional category of award was presented in recognition of ACT women’s dedicated and impressive work in the area of countering domestic violence. The category of award presented was the:

  •  2016 ACT Violence Prevention Woman of the Year

2015 ACT Women's Award Recipients
2014 ACT Women's Award Recipients