ACT Volunteering Statement

Volunteering Enriches our Community

ACT Volunteering Statement [PDF 788KB]

Volunteering brings people together to build a more active, engaged and inclusive community. It enriches the lives of volunteers themselves, as well as those who benefit from their commitment to Canberra, its people and places.

The reasons people volunteer are as many and varied as the volunteers themselves. People volunteer because it is fun, to make friends, to give back to society and to build their skills and networks. In doing so, volunteers enable sports clubs to prosper, support the most vulnerable in our community, help build a more environmentally sustainable city, and foster diverse artistic and multicultural community activities.

The principles set out in this refreshed ACT Volunteering Statement reflect a whole-of-government and community commitment to supporting and recognising volunteers. Working together, we aim to provide the best possible environment for volunteering and volunteers to flourish.

Volunteering in the ACT is:


  • Volunteers in the ACT are acknowledged and celebrated.› Individuals, community organisations, businesses and government all play a role in promoting the contribution of volunteering in the ACT.


  • Volunteers make a vital contribution to the life of the ACT.› Organisations enable volunteers to draw on their passion, skills and experience to build a more inclusive, creative and sustainable city and region.


  • Volunteering is for all ages and abilities, and volunteers can contribute in all sorts of ways.› Organisations demonstrate commitment to social inclusion and diversity by encouraging and supporting volunteers from all walks of life.


  • Volunteers are included in the life of organisations and have clear roles.› Organisations are committed to best practice in volunteer management, provide appropriate training and support, and take pride in the role of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering in the ACT visit External Link.