Strategic Policy

The Strategic Policy unit works on a broad range of whole of directorate and whole of government policy activities, and provides support for intergovernmental activities and policy advice to Ministers and the Community Services Directorate Executive.

Consultation Paper ACT Volunteering Statement Action Plan 2018-2019

Consultation Paper ACT Volunteering Statement Action Plan 2018-2019 [PDF 799KB] [Word 1320KB]

The ACT Government is interested in finding out the community’s views on how to better support volunteers in the ACT. Your ideas will help shape the list of actions in the ACT to be implemented in the next two years. The consultation period runs from 5 December 2017 to 18 February 2018. Read the discussion paper for more information about the proposed action plan and the consultation.

How to have your say:

  • Attend the face to face consultation (anticipated for February 2018).

Whole-of-Government activities

  • Community Sector Strategic Tendering Seminar
  • Development of an ACT Volunteer Statement External Link
  • Oversight of inter-governmental policy matters
  • Progressing community sector reforms
  • Strategic policy advice and support to the Directorate Executive and the Office of the Minister
  • Implementation of the Community Sector Portable Long Service Leave schemeExternal Link
  • Implementation of The Social Compact (a statement of understanding about the relationship between the ACT Government and the community sector) - The Social Compact
  • Implementation of The Community Sector Funding Policy
  • Development of an ACT Government Concessions Policy and Assistance PortalExternal Link
  • Community consultation on the Carers Charter
  • Implementation of the Caring for Carers Policy and Action Plan
  • Progressing initiatives that address gambling policy issues

Whole of Directorate activities

  • Secretariat to the Directorate’s Human Rights Advisory Committee
  • Implementation of the Directorate’s Human Rights Policy
  • Implementation and oversight of Service Partnership Agreements

Councils and forums

  • Co-ordination of briefings for the Community and Disability Services Minister’s Conference (CDSMC) and the Community and Disability Services Minister’s Advisory Council (CDSMAC)External Link
  • Secretariat for the Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG)

Previous activities

  • Review of Philanthropy in the ACT
    • Report of the Review of Philanthropy in the ACT
    • ACT Government's response to the report
  • Implementation of the ACT Government Grants Portal
  • Development of the Directorate's Service Delivery Platform
  • Review of Administrative Requirements of Non-Profit Organisations in the ACT (Red Tape Review)
  • Review of Statutory Oversight and Community Advocacy Agencies
  • Review of the Children and Young People Act 1999