Life's Reflections Testimonials

This gallery of images represents the photographic work of finalists and other entrants from the last four years of the competition and is intended as a guide to illustrate the themes of the competition and the type of photographic images that we are seeking from entrants.

Elizabeth Ferreira

Elizabeth FerreiraThe Fruit Man - Elizabeth Ferreira
Life’s Reflections – Give it a go, you just don’t know what might happen

Photographer: Elizabeth Ferreira
Image: Alex the Fruit man

Elizabeth Ferreira became involved in photography following the premature birth of her second daughter. She purchased her first digital SLR camera and began to capture photographic images of her daughter’s miraculous journey, from life in a humidicrib at 28 weeks, to finally going home.

In 2010 she saw an advertisement in the newspaper, seeking new entrants for the Life’s Reflections Photographic Competition. One Sunday morning, the perfect photographic subject for her competition entry came into sharp focus - Alex the Fruit man, a popular identity at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Market.

“I won First Place in the 2010 competition and the amazing package of prizes which I won really encouraged me to pursue my passion in photography. I entered the competition again last year with another ‘character’ photograph – the local barber in Queanbeyan. My entry was awarded Second Place and again I won an amazing package of prizes in the competition.”

Since then Elizabeth has established her own home-based graphic design business, Libcreative and is using her emerging photographic skills to augment her business capabilities and to provide her clients with an added creative dimension to her graphic design work

“Life’s Reflections is a lot of fun and the rewards go beyond the prize package and awards certificates. There are opportunities to have your images published and to exhibit them throughout the community.

I would urge anyone who owns a camera to give it a go – you just don’t know what might happen”

Eric MandlEric Mandl2nd Place - Ivan and Max - Eric Mandl - LRSS9
Life’s Reflections – Providing an opportunity for secondary students to shine in photography.

Photographer: Eric Mandl
Image: Ivan and Max Fishing

Eric Mandl is a Year 11 student at Radford College student who first entered the Life’s Reflections Photographic Competition three years ago, after being encouraged by his father, Jonathon and his photography teacher. Since then he has gained two Second Prizes and a First Prize in the competition, a very impressive track record for a young person relatively new to the art of photography.

One of Eric’s favourite photographs featured his grandfather, Ivan Duchnaj, and his younger brother, Max, enjoying the simple pleasure of fishing together, from the Carillon footbridge on Lake Burley Griffin. It is an image which promotes one of the key themes of the competition – the importance of relationships between generations in our families and through friendships the exist in our community.

Eric’s other photographic images have featured family friends Pat Anglberger, teaching the art of lawn bowls to teenagers and Tim Lee, showing his exceptional skills in the art of hand crafting snowboards.

“I have won fantastic prizes in this competition, enabling me to buy better quality photographic equipment which has contributed to an improvement in my ability as a photographer.”

“It was also a great thrill to have my photographs selected and featured in the annual Capital Chemist Calendar and an absolute buzz to know that your photography is hanging on the wall in over 40,000 Canberra households each year.”

“My family have been very supportive and proud of my achievements in photography and they were really chuffed to see my photographs displayed in photographic exhibitions at the Canberra Centre, EPIC and in public libraries across Canberra, which is an exciting part of the competition.”
“Life’s Reflections has allowed me to gain confidence and develop my skills as young photographer and to take my photography to a new level of enjoyment, challenge and perspective. The recognition I have received has provided an opportunity to really ‘shine’ in photography and I would encourage all primary, high school and college students across Canberra to get on board and to enter photographs in this important and rewarding community photographic competition.”Patrick Miller Entry

Patrick MillerPatrick Miller
From little things, big things grow

Photographer: Patrick Miller
Image: Grandma making a rabbit warren

Patrick Miller of Hackett has won First Prize in Primary Students category of Life’s Reflections for the past two years of the competition. His photographic images have featured his grandparents and have portrayed their passion for life and their love of Canberra’s surrounding bushland.

He was encouraged to enter the competition by his parents, both keen photographers, who recognised his confidence and natural ability with a camera at a very young age. His photography moves between capturing wonderful family portraits and the landscapes of Australia, including the beauty and mystique of central and outback Australia.

“The prize vouchers that I won in the last two photographic competitions allowed me to buy a really nice Canon camera and to attend a photography course for kids at Photoaccess in Manuka, where they taught me how to use my camera to take really interesting photographs.”

“I think every primary school kid in Canberra should enter a photograph in this competition. Even if you don’t own a camera, borrow your parent’s camera and ask your grandparents, an older family friend or perhaps an elderly neighbour whether you can take a photograph of them – it’s very easy”.

Patrick would like to study photography at a professional level when he is older, but right now he just wants to enjoy his photography as a hobby and to enter the competition again.

Tamara Makeev OAMTamara Makeev OAMHappy Leprachaun - Makeev
From Box Brownie to Digital Camera

Photographer: Tamara Makeev OAM
Image: Happy Leprachaun

Tamara Makeev OAM has been an enthusiastic participant in Life’s Reflections since the competition began, almost nine years ago. She has featured as a finalist on numerous occasions and in 2010 the ACT Government recognised her commitment and efforts to champion the competition within the multicultural and seniors community by presenting her with an Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Tamara’s passion for photography began over 80 years ago in Poland. She used a basic ‘box brownie’ to capture portraits of her friends and family and the landscapes of the surrounding countryside. Her camera was to accompany her through the Second World War as she and her family fled towards freedom and her eventual migration to Australia.

“I have eight decades of life experience and photographic passion and have seen the camera evolve from the simple box brownie to the compact digital cameras of today, allowing people of all ages and very little experience, to capture wonderful photographic images.”

“Life’s Reflections is a great community photographic competition for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you are 6 years or 96 years of age, I urge people to enter this competition, especially those from our many different multicultural backgrounds. Get involved and share your photographic passion.”

Vance and Pat InghamVance Ingham1st Prize - Vance Ingham
If a photo opportunity is there before you – simply take it!

Photographer: Vance Ingham
Image: Walk up the Avenue

Vance Ingham picked up his first camera, a box brownie, as a young teenager, back in 1948 and has never looked back.

“Back in those early years I loved capturing images of aeroplanes and the ships and boats that plied across Sydney Harbour- it was challenging, rewarding and a whole lot of fun. As the years progressed, my cameras became more sophisticated and my photography gravitated towards portrait work.”

When the Ingham family moved to Canberra, Lance joined the Canberra Photographic Society and began entering photographic competitions with great passion. Lance and his wife, Pat, were amongst the first entrants of the Life’s Reflections Photographic Competition, over nine years ago.

Since then, they have both featured prominently as finalists in the competition and Lance has also been a finalist in other photographic competitions in the ACT region including the ACTEW AGL Photographic Competition and the Canberra Times Photographic Competition.

“I have also been fortunate in having the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe and to spend considerable time in Northern Italy. My photographic journey took an interesting turn and I entered into the realm of landscape and architectural photography, which served to increase my passion for photography.”

“I am still actively involved in senior’s activities in the Belconnen area so am fortunate to have valuable opportunities to capture images of other Canberra seniors and enjoying their busy lives. My camera is never far away, so when a photographic opportunity is there before me, I simply take it!”