Age-friendly Cities and Communities Resources


Australian Local Government AssociationExternal Link
- Accessible Communities & Age-Friendly Built Environment

COTA AustraliaExternal Link
National Seniors AustraliaExternal Link
Productive Ageing Centre (National Seniors Australia)External Link
Carers AustraliaExternal Link


Victorian Government - Seniors OnlineExternal Link
Municipal Association of Victoria - Positive Ageing PageExternal Link
City of Port Phillip, Victoria - Ageing Well in Port Phillip Strategy 2006-2016External Link
Brimbank City Council - Age-friendly City Plan 2013-2017External Link
COTA VictoriaExternal Link

Western Australia

Melville City Council, WA - Age Friendly Melville Directions from SeniorsExternal Link
Rockingham City Council - Active Ageing Strategy 2009-2014External Link
Armadale City Council - Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2014External Link
COTA WAExternal Link

New South Wales

NSW Office for Ageing, including the NSW Ageing StrategyExternal Link
City of Sydney - Over 55s ResourcesExternal Link
Blue Mountains City Council, NSW - Services for Older PeopleExternal Link
COTA NSWExternal Link

South Australia

South Australian Government - Seniors PortalExternal Link
SA Ageing ResourcesExternal Link
COTA SAExternal Link


City of Clarence, Tasmania - Positive Ageing Plan 2012 - 2016External Link
COTA TasmaniaExternal Link


Queensland Government - Seniors PortalExternal Link
COTA QueenslandExternal Link

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Government - Seniors PortalExternal Link
COTA ACTExternal Link

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Government - Office of Senior TerritoriansExternal Link
COTA NTExternal Link


Age-Friendly World (International Federation on Ageing/WHO website)External Link
WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and CommunitiesExternal Link
WHO Checklist of Essential Features of an Age-friendly CityExternal Link
WHO Global Age-friendly Cities: A GuideExternal Link

New Zealand

New Zealand Government - Older New Zealanders: Healthy, Independent, Connected and RespectedExternal Link


London, Ontario - Age-friendly London Action PlanExternal Link
Quebec - Seniors PortalExternal Link


Manchester City Council, UK - Valuing Older People initiativeExternal Link


NY Academy of Medicine - Age-friendly New York CityExternal Link

The AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities program encourages states, cities, towns and rural areas to prepare for the rapid aging of the U.S. population by paying increased attention to the environmental, economic and social factors that influence the health and well-being of older adults.
AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities External Link

Connect 60+ An Arizona Regional Age-Friendly NetworkExternal Link

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