Scholarship Guidelines

The Youth InterACT Scholarships  provide funding of up to $500 for individuals, or $1500 for groups of young  people to participate in an activity, event or program. This may include sporting  events, conferences, courses and training that enhance personal or career  development.

These  Scholarships are based on encouraging young people to enhance their  professional and personal development through participation in various  activities or events. This is central to the way in which Youth InterACT  Scholarships are administered.

Scholarships  will be awarded to young people who have a genuine ability and determination,  but without financial assistance would struggle to attend their event or  activity.

The  scholarship committee assessed the applications on the last Friday of every  month (note Scholarships are not assessed in the month of December).

Applications  be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event / activity commencement  date.Applicants  for Youth InterACT Scholarships must:

  • Be 12-25 years of age
  • Reside in the ACT or attend school in the ACT
  • Be an Australian Citizen, a Permanent Resident or hold an ACT Services  Access Card
  • Represent the ACT in sporting or other activities, or be a part of an  ACT based program
  • Not have received funding through the Youth InterACT Grants and  Scholarships Program in the last two years

Youth  InterACT Scholarships will be provided for:

Young people  who have a genuine ability and determination, but without financial assistance  would struggle to attend their event or activity to cover:

  • Course fees and course expenses
  • Travel expenses to an activity/event
  • Registration costs for the activity/event
  • Accommodation costs for the activity /event
  • Young people representing the ACT in sporting or other activities, or be  a part of an ACT based program

Scholarships will not be provided for:  

  • More than two attendees to the same activity or event (unless applying  as group)
  • Applications not received 4 weeks prior to event/activity start date
  • Activities/events that have already been attended
  • Spending money (including food and beverage costs)
  • Financial support for travel companions
  • Activities/events that require on-going funding
  • Activities/events where a particular political or religious point of  view is promoted or pushed
  • Internships or students exchange programs
  • Applicants who have received funding through the Youth InterACT Grants  and Scholarships Program in the last 2 years.


  • Proof of eligibility i.e. Student ID, ACT Driving License, Medicare Card  or ACT Services Access Card
  • Proof of residence
  • Evidence of Letter of Offer from course provider, school excursion  acceptance or endorsement from teacher, letter of support from the case worker  or employer
  • Two referees. Note they cannot be a family member or a friend

What you have to do if you are Successful

Successful  applicants will be notified through a formal Letter-of-Offer letter, which  contains an Acceptance of Scholarship form. The applicant will need to return  the Acceptance of Scholarship form to the Directorate within 14 days of  receiving it, otherwise the Scholarship offer will be withdrawn.

Once the  Acceptance of Scholarship form is received, a cheque payment or EFT payment  will be made directly to the nominated institution or program as outlined in  the application.

Please Note: You will need to allow 30  days for Scholarship payments to be made once the Acceptance of Scholarship  form has been received.

After you have attended your Activity or Event
Recipients must provide a brief report to the  Directorate within 30 days of attending their  activity /event.

Please ensure your report outlines the outcomes  and benefits that you have gained from attending.

Duty of Care

Activity/event  attendees have a legal and moral obligation to act reasonably, including taking  caution to avoid risks that could be reasonably expected to occur, to ensure  their own health and safety.

Assessment Process

A ‘Scholarship  Committee’ made up of young people assess the Youth InterACT Scholarship  applications. The assessment panel is supported by the Youth Engagement, Inclusion and Participation of the Community  Services Directorate.

Scholarship  committee meetings are held on the last Friday of every month (note  Scholarships are not assessed in the month of December).

Please  Note: Applications received outside of the assessment period will only be considered  under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ by the committee.

As  part of the assessment process applicants may be asked for further information  or to attend an interview with the ‘Scholarship Committee’.

For  further information relating to Youth InterACT Scholarships please contact the  Youth Engagement on 62053064 or via email

Applications  should be forwarded to the above email address.

For  more information on Youth InterACT contact Youth Engagement on 62053064 or via  email to