Youth InterACT

Youth interACT

Youth InterACT is the ACT Government youth participation strategy which encourages participation by young people in the community and to provide opportunities for young people to contribute to discussions on youth issues, to participate in Government policies and programs on matters concerning young people. This includes advising the Minister for Multicultural and Youth Affairs, on the issues and concerns of young people in the ACT.

The initiative comprises:

Youth InterACT aims:

To actively involve young people in decision making processes about topical issues that affect and interest young people.

To engage young people in meaningful ways in all areas of life at an individual, organisational and community level and ensures they have a voice within the government;

To ensure young people experience elements of citizenship and democracy in their everyday lives, in realistic and holistic situations, with meaningful outcomes and actions resulting from this participation, and

To provide funding to young people who wish to attend an activity of a learning capacity, conferences, personal or career development, or wish to put on an event or run a project for young people in the ACT.


Youth Consultation

We're interested in what young people in Canberra have to say!Three young men

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For further information contact Youth InterACT on or (02) 6205 3064

Youth Think Tank - Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round

The Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round Youth Think Tank was held on Saturday 20 August and included:

  • Participation in four think tanks
  • Prizes! Samsung tablets, iTunes cards and Hoyts movie tickets as prizes.
  • FUN activities - gladiator challenge, horizontal bungee
  • Free Food
  • DJ playing over lunch
  • PCYC Gaming van

The Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round Youth Think Tank provided an opportunity for young people to come together and discuss the concept of social inclusion through the following four focus areas: Cultural Cohesion, Inclusive Environments, Sexual Diversity and Youthism.

Each Thank Tank explored focus areas in depth, discussing how the community currently creates the opportunity for young people to feel socially included and how individuals can be better equipped to contribute to an inclusive and cohesive community.

Creating the space for local young people to talk about their experiences and generate solutions is essential to creating an inclusive community. The Think Tank provided a platform for young people to discuss issues, strengthening community resilience and harmony and creating a safer community for all.

For more information please contact Youth InterACT at or 62072452.


Grants and Scholarships

Further information about the Youth Grants and Scholarships please call (02) 6207 0310 or email

Youth InterACT Scholarships


Application [PDF 179KB] [Word 95.3KB]

Youth interACT Scholarships

The Youth InterACT Scholarships provide funding of up to $500 for individual young people aged 12 to 25 who wish to attend an activity of a learning capacity, sporting, conferences, personal or career development through participation in various activities, events or courses.

Applications are assessed by a Scholarship Committee in the last two weeks of every month. This excludes the period of Friday, 15 December to Monday, 15 January, where applications will not be accepted or assessed.

Applications will need to be received by the 14th of each month, to be considered in that month’s round. Applications received on the 15th or later of a given month, will be considered in the next month’s round.



Youth InterACT Grants


2016-2017 Recipients


ACT Youth Week Grants


2018 Recipients



Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards

2018 Winners

Congratulations to Ms Dhani Gilbert who has been awarded the 2018 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award for her community work, academic pursuits and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Awards, now in its 29th year, recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of young people aged 12 to 25 years. Other category award winners include:

  • Personal Achievement Award:  Ms Shay-Leigh Willis;
  • Individual Community Service:  Ms Maddie Diamond; and
  • Group Achievement Award: Jasiri Australia.

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year recipients

2017 Winners

  • Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award (Mustafa Ehsan)
  • Environment and Sustainability Award (Ryu Callaway)
  • Personal Achievement Award (Caitlin Figueiredo)
  • Individual Community Service Award (Kate Barton)
  • Group Achievement Award (SPARK: The Ginninderry Joint Venture Training and Employment Initiative)
  • Arts and Multimedia Award (Lucy Sugerman)

For further information, please contact the Youth InterACT Team on or (02) 62072452.