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The Turnaround Team

The Turnaround Team consists of a Team Leader and four case coordinators.
Turnaround is located at 11 Moore Street, Civic and is pioneering new ways of agencies working together in the interests of young people.

Each young person in the program identifies the people and agencies (on referral Turnaround clients have an average of seven different agencies involved with them) that are important to be members of their ‘support team’. Regular case conferences are held between the young person and their support team to identify goals and case plans and also address any problems that are facing the young person.

Research and Evaluation

The Program has been supported by a Research and Evaluation Team who provided ongoing research on evidence, which informed the development of the program, advice and consulting services regarding training and service development, and evaluation services. This Team has now completed their task, with the final evaluation completed in July 2006. The Program continues to operate within an action research model, keeping up to date with current best practice and constantly refining service provision to meet emerging trends.