Children and Young People Act 2008 External Link

Keeping Children and Young People Safe [HTML]

Addressing Over-Representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in Care in the ACT [PDF 114KB] [Word 98KB]
Family Group Conferencing Pilot [PDF 142KB]
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ACT Childcare Services StandardsExternal Link
Choosing Childcare in the ACTExternal Link

ACT Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care
Good Practice for Placement planning (out of home care) [PDF 546KB]

On my first day [PDF 4.34KB] [Word 485KB] [Designer-page curl PDF 4.11MB]

Working together for kids
Guide 1 – Child Concern Reports: What are they and what does it mean if someone makes a report about my child?

Guide 2 – Going to court and working to reunite families: What’s involved and what can I do?

Guide 3 – When children are in care: What happens with my child when they are in care and what can I do to have them come home?

Guide 4 – Feedback and raising concerns: How can I let others know what I think?

Guide 5 – Representing yourself in court: What do I need to know to navigate care and protection court processes?


Children and Young People Act 2008 External Link

Keeping Children and Young People Safe [HTML]

ACT Young People's Plan 2009-2014 Final Report [PDF 1.6MB] [Word 2.1MB]
ACT Young People's Plan Final Report Summary August 2015 [PDF 1.5MB] [Word 665KB]

ACT Children and Young People's Commitment 2015-2025


Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Youth Justice Victims Register

Bimberi Headline Indicators Report [PDF 260KB] [Word 103KB]

Being on bail pamphlet
About going to court pamphlet
About court reports pamphlet
Case management after court pamphlet
Good behaviour orders pamphlet

If you have any questions about your legal matters, these services might be able to help:

  • Aboriginal Legal Service 6249 8488
  • Legal Aid 6243 3411
  • Youth Law Centre 6173 5410
  • Child and Youth Protection Service 13 34 27

For questions about your court date and time call the Children's Court Registry on 6207 1746. For help or advice after hours* you can also call the After-hours Bail Service on 1300 556 729 (*weekdays 5pm to 2am; weekends and public holidays 4pm to 2am).

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Carers Snapshot 2017 [PDF 879KB] [Word 478KB]

Trauma Recovery Centre

Discussion Paper Trauma Recovery Centre [PDF 742KB] [Word 706KB]

Child Development and Trauma Guide Overview [PDF 206KB] [Word 49MB]
Melaleuca Place (Trauma Recovery Centre) Fact Sheet One
Melaleuca Place (Trauma Recovery Centre) Fact Sheet Two