Caring for Carers

The Minister for Community Services, Ms Joy Burch publically launched the ACT Carers Charter on 19 October 2011 at the Carers ACT Luncheon for Carers, celebrating National Carers Week.

The Charter is intended to improve the circumstances of carers by raising community awareness and promoting carers’ role in service delivery.

The Charter consists of five concise core principles. Broadly these focus on ensuring that carers are engaged, supported and able to achieve a quality of life that is in line with community standards. This is in line with the renewed vision of the Canberra Social Plan 2011 for people to reach their potential, make a contribution and share the benefits of an inclusive community.

A series of Fact Sheets have been developed to provide further information and guidance on carers and on implementing the Charter.

Fact Sheets

ACT Carers Charter factsheet [PDF 373KB] [Word 265KB]

Legislation factsheet [PDF 405KB] [Word 262KB]

Community Partners factsheet [PDF 374KB] [Word 258KB]

What to Expect factsheet [PDF 379KB] [Word 268KB]

Who can you Contact factsheet [PDF 377KB] [Word 268KB]

Young Carers factsheet [PDF 377KB] [Word 270KB]


Carer Connection Newsletter

Issue 39 - February 2016 [PDF 839KB] [Word 5.7MB]
Issue 40 - Transition Edition 10 February 2016 [PDF 605KB] [Word 413KB]
Issue 41 - 23 February 2016 [PDF 925KB] [Word 414KB]
Issue 42 - April 2016 [PDF 769KB] [Word 1MB]
Issue 43 - May 2016 [PDF 514KB] [Word 762KB]
Issue 44 - July 2016 [PDF 815KB] [Word 866KB]
Issue 48 - March 2017 [PDF 399KB] [Word 1,139KB]
Issue 49 - September 2017 [PDF 1MB] [Word 2.5MB]