About Us

The Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS) works in partnership with the community to protect children and young people from being harmed. CYPS also works in partnership with families, carers and community agencies to ensure children and young people are safe and achieve the best possible life outcomes.

The purpose of CYPS in CSD is to provide a single service for vulnerable children and young people that fulfils our statutory obligations of safety, wellbeing, diversion, rehabilitation, restoration and permanence.

CYPS works in conjunction with other elements of the human services system to improve outcomes for families, children and young people. Families might touch the service system first without involvement of other services. The scope of CYPS is focused on the provision of services to meet child protection and youth justice needs for involuntary clients with complex needs.

In Child and Youth Protection Services, we ...

  • are an integrated organisation with few boundaries and functional silos
  • deliver services to the child or young person at their location
  • have the right workforce and perform our functions well
  • provide a good place to work, with learning and professional development opportunities
  • have the right processes and systems and operate in a consistent and transparent way
  • partner and work closely with agencies and the community towards a common strategy.