Community Participation Directory

The Community Participation Directory aims to make it easier for people to find out about community groups in Canberra and let Canberrans know what is happening in other multicultural communities across the ACT.

It is hoped that through this Directory community groups will be able to connect to other, similar organisations, build relationships and work together.

Looking for a Community Group or Organisation?

The Community Participation Directory lists community groups that offer information, support, advice, advocacy and networking opportunities including:

  • Community and non-government organisations;
  • Migrant services organisations
  • Refugee support organisations
  • Religious and interfaith organisations
  • Multicultural media outlets
  • The directory does not list private businesses.

Additional community groups will be added over time.

Please complete the online form by including updated information about your community group or organisation in the directory. If you require a hard copy of the form, please email: or post to Community Participation Group, GPO Box 158, CANBERRA ACT 2601.


We welcome feedback when:

  • We have done something well;
  • we can do something better or differently;
  • You submit a suggestion for improvement to this service.

We recognise that we may not meet your expectations. If you have feedback or suggestions about improving this service please complete our online feedback form. If you require a hard copy of the form, please email: or post to Community Participation Group, GPO Box 158, CANBERRA ACT, 2601.


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate and current, the Community Services Directorate, in particular Office of Multicultural Affairs, takes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or other mistakes and specifically denies any liability whatsoever for any damages resulting to any individual, group, organisation or agency resulting from any errors, omissions or other mistakes. All information has been provided by the agencies and groups themselves.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs also does not take responsibility for any privacy issues that may arise with regards to entries in the Community Participation Directory.

If any errors or omissions are noticed, please contact Office of Multicultural Affairs


People sitting at the Multicultural festival