The Community Services Directorate (CSD) has responsibility for a wide range of human services functions in the ACT, including multicultural affairs, community services, veterans and seniors, women, youth, public and community housing services and policy, children and youth protection services and policy, therapy services, Child and Family Centre’s, homelessness, community engagement, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and community disaster recovery.

CSD provides staff with flexible working arrangements, access to a range of varied and interesting roles and training that is tailored to career goals, Staff working in CSD are expected to demonstrate quality customer service.

Temporary Employment

CSD maintains a temporary employment register for people interested in obtaining non-ongoing employment. This register is used to select staff for employment for up to six months in either a full-time position or part-time capacity. The register expires in June and December of each year. To remain on the register you need to re-apply.

Vacancies that arise may include:

  • Administrative work
  • Finance
  • People management
  • Record services
  • Social Work
  • Therapy
  • Disability Support

To contact us about the Temporary Employment Register:

For further information regarding the Temporary Employment Register:

  • Information sheet
  • Application form

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Positions Advertised

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Health Professional Level 5 -- $118,319 - $133,197Operational Compliance and Support Manager -- [Temporary] -- Position no: 33035 -- Contact officer: Jodie Robinson on (02) 6205 4430 or jodie.robinson@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-09
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/temporary/33035#33035External site

Senior Officer Grade C -- $100,462 - $108,140Team Leader -- [Permanent] -- Position no: 22908 -- Contact officer: Austin Kenney on (02) 6207 5385 or austin.kenney@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-16
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/permanent/22908#22908External site

Health Professional Level 2 -- $61,784 - $84,816Case Manager -- [Permanent] -- Position no: 34284, several -- Contact officer: Larissa Sellars on (02) 6207 6643 or CYPSRecruitment@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-08
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/permanent/34284,-several#34284, severalExternal site

Health Professional Level 3 -- $87,257 - $91,942Case Manager -- [Permanent] -- Position no: 32249, several -- Contact officer: Larissa Sellars on (02) 6207 6643 or cypsrecruitment@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-05
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/permanent/32249,-several#32249, severalExternal site

Administrative Services Officer Class 6 -- $79,824 - $91,356Tenant Support and Community Connections Officer -- [Permanent] -- Position no: 03846 -- Contact officer: Llewella Grillo on (02) 6207 0900 or llewella.grillo@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-03
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/permanent/03846#03846External site

Administrative Services Officer Class 4 -- $66,656 - $72,175Assistant Project Officer -- [Permanent] -- Position no: 36578 -- Contact officer: Renee Cutrupi on (02) 6205 3883 or renee.cutrupi@act.gov.au -- Closing date: 2017-05-02
http://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/community-services/permanent/36578#36578External site