Disclosure log

The Community Services Directorate Disclosure Log provides details relating to requests for access to information held by the Directorate. Requests are made under the ACT Freedom of Information Act 2016 (the Act).

The Disclosure Log provides links to access applications, decision notices and documents released to the applicant. Information is published on the disclosure log not earlier than three working days and not later than ten working days after the day the decision notice is given to the applicant.

Please note access applications for personal information are NOT included in the disclosure log.

The Act can be viewed on the ACT Legislation register

Reference No. Date of Application Details of Application Decision and Decision Date Fees/Time Spent on Application Details of reviews by Ombudsman/ACAT Decision notice & information given (including additional information given by Ombudsman/ACAT)
CSD 18/4 11-Jan-18 All documents created in the reporting, investigating and disciplinary action taken in relation to sexual harassment complaints made against senior executive service officials employed in the ACT Community Services Directorate. I seek these documents created within the period beginning January 1 2015 and ending January 11 2018'. No documents found
No fees charged; 18 days; Uploaded 13/2/18
CSD 18/8 25-Jan-18 Any advice, either internal or sent to the relevant minister, concerning the decision to close the Symonston respite facility operated by Disability ACT (near the Mugga Lane tip) produced since 1 January 2013. Please redact any personal information contained within these documents as necessary. Partial access given
No fees charged; 39 days. Consultation conducted and Applicant agreed extension.; Completed within statutory time frame.; Uploaded 29/3/18
CSD 18/6 24-Jan-18 I seek all documents created in the reporting, investigating and/or disciplinary action taken in relation to sexual harassment complaints made against any employee of the ACT Community Services Directorate. I seek these documents created within the period beginning January 1, 2014 and ending January 11, 2018. Partial access given
No fees applicable; 36 days to process, applicant agreed to extension; Completed within statutory time frame.; Uploaded 29/3/18
CYF 18/35 25-Jan-18 I seek the report created by the Child and Youth Protection Service Case Analysis Team which was developed in response to the Glanfield Inquiry Partial access
No fees charged; 40 days; Uploaded 10/4/18
HACT 18/41 02-Feb-18 Material relating to the Housing and Homelessness Summit dated 17 October 2017 Partial access granted
Fees and charges not applicable ; 46 days (Applicant agreed to an extension); Completed within statutory time frame; Uploaded 24/4/18
CSD-18/5 23-Jan-18 I seek access to all documents - including internal briefings and correspondence - generated in the formulation of policy preventing community groups from applying for liquor permits at the 2018 National Multicultural Festival. Partial Release
No fees applicable; Processing time - 58 days ; completed within statutory timeframe, applicant agreed to extension of time.; Uploaded 3 May 2018
HACT 18/59 09-Apr-18 I am wanting to get a copy of a Ministerial brief that would have been prepared for the Minister for Housing, in relation to advice the Department gave the Minister around closing Inanna Inc. in August 2016 Partial access
No fees charged; 19 working days; Uploaded 22 May 2018
CSD 18/7 06-Jun-18 'Documents relating to hospitality declarations/declarable gifts/hospitality/sponsorship by Directorate executives and staff over the past five years. I understand there should be a register that covers this detail.' Partial access granted
64 Working days.; Applicant agreed to an extension of time; Application completed within statutory timeframe
CYF 18/48 Blank forms 26-Apr-18 I write to request under the Freedom of Information Act 2016 (FOI Act) blank copies of forms that are currently available for use at Bimberi Youth Detention Centre. Examples of forms may include, but are not limited to, incident report forms, detainee release forms, request forms for items by detainees, and other forms used by detainees, ACT Government employees, third parties, or members of the public. Partial access given
30 working days.; Applicant agreed to an extension of time.; Decision made in time.
CSD 18/10 02-May-18 “I seek documents or created by the department related to the Older Persons Abuse Prevention Referral and Information Line. Specifically, I would like the following: - How many calls the hotline has received so far this year; - The response rate in 2015-16, 2016-17 and so far this year; - Any reports or reviews held or created by the Directorate on this service.” Partial access (some information publicly available)
35 Working days.; Applicant agreed to an extension of time. ; Completed within statutory time-frame.

Ombudsman Review

The decision on an access application is a reviewable decision as identified in Schedule 3 of the Act. An applicant has the right to seek review by the Ombudsman under section 73 of the Act within 20 working days from the day the decision is published on the disclosure log, or a longer period determined by the Ombudsman. For more information visit http://ombudsman.act.gov.au/Freedom-of-Information.

Applicants wishing to request a review of the decision on access may write to the Ombudsman at:

The ACT Ombudsman
GPO Box 442
Canberra ACT 2601

Or via email: actfoi@ombudsman.gov.au

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) Review

Under section 84 of the Act, if a decision is made on an Ombudsman review the applicant may apply to the ACAT for a review of the Ombudsman decision. Further information is available from the ACAT.