About the Directorate

The ACT Government Community Services Directorate has responsibility for a wide range of human services functions in the ACT, including multicultural affairs, community services, older people, women, public and community housing services and policy, community recovery, children, youth and family support services and policy, support for families concerned about their child's development, Child and Family Centres, homelessness, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and the ACT Office for Disability.

Business Plan
Service Standards
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CSD Annual Report
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Business Plan

2017-2018 Business Plan

Service Standards

Client Service Standards
CSD Satisfaction Survey summary 2017 

Reconciliation Action Plan and Statement of Commitment

Reconciliation Statement of Commitment [PDF 68KB] [RTF 286KB]

Organisational Chart

Organisational Chart [PDF 85KB] [Word 218KB]

Annual Report

Community Services Annual Reports


Yvette Berry MLA

Yvette Berry MLA
Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development
Minister for Housing and Suburban Development
Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence
Minister for Women
Minister for Sport and Recreation

Gordon Ramsay MLA

Gordon Ramsay MLA
Minister for Regulatory Services
Minister for the Arts and Community Events
Minister for Veterans and Seniors

Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA

Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA
Minister for Community Services and Social Inclusion
Minister for Disability, Children and Youth
Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations


Public Interest Disclosure
Freedom of Information

Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017


Logos for the ACT Government and the Community Services Directorate are available in either low or high resolution. Further information can be obtained by contacting Media & Communications on (02) 6205 0282.