Most common charges for Tenant Responsible Maintenance (TRM) at Vacated Properties

Trade Unit of Measure Brief Description Approximate Cost (Incl GST)
Cleaning DWELLING Internally and externally clean dwelling - 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom (includes removal of rubbish up to 1 cubic metre) $392.70 - $617.10
Cleaning EACH Additional Loads of rubbish per cubic metre $108.09
Cleaning HOUR Make good and tidy yard $67.89 per hr
>Cleaning DWELLING Steam clean and shampoo carpets - 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom $111.08 - $264.36
Cleaning DWELLING Washing of walls, ceilings and woodwork - 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom $359.04 - $452.73
Cleaning ROOM Washing walls, ceiling and woodwork per room - small room to large room $46.50 - $149.92
Cleaning EACH Removal of large items, furniture or equipment $46.36
Cleaning ROOM Remove stickers, transfers, hooks, nails, screws etc from walls, woodwork, ceiling and both sides of doors. $20.57
General EACH Renew aluminium fixed flyscreen to window - complete $76.25

*These rates are only valid during the 2013-2014 financial year.