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Thank you to all who completed and returned our pre–Christmas questionnaire about your experiences in accessing home maintenance services.

The winners of the three gift vouchers were drawn on 21 December, and were notified in time for Christmas.

We are now using the information you provided to improve how future maintenance services will be delivered to you.

Thank you again for your interest in assisting us to improve your experience as a Housing ACT tenant, and we wish you a prosperous 2017.

Modernising Tenancy Services Practice Framework

Modernising Tenancy Services commenced in July 2014. This Framework outlines Housing ACT’s strengths-based and outcomes-focused approach to public housing in the Territory and recognises the changing strengths and capacities of Canberrans living in public housing.

Modernising Tenancy Services Practice Framework [PDF981 KB]

Evaluation of reforms to the ACT Specialist Homelessness Service system

Evaluation of reforms to the ACT Specialist Homelessness Service system [PDF 1,707KB] [Word 4,613KB]

The Road Map - Discussion Paper

The Road Map - Discussion Paper [PDF 402KB] [RTF 508KB]


Finding their way Home

(this research is jointly funded by the Australian Government under the Supported Accommodation and Assistance Program (SAAP) and the ACT Government)

Finding their way home: Children's experience of homlessness [PDF 7.47MB]
Literature review: The experiences and effects of family homelessness for children [PDF 580KB]
Literature review: Engageing children in research on sensitive issues [PDF 4.27KB]

Housing Now

"Housing NOW" is a new initiative that allows eligible social housing applicants the opportunity to choose their new home from a range of properties ready for immediate allocation.

Occasionally, properties become available because they are not suitable for applicants next on the list with special needs. Housing NOW enables social housing applicants who are further down the list to view these properties. They can do this by lodging an Expression of Interest with Housing ACT.

More Information on Housing Now [PDF 51KB] [RTF 6.1MB] Expression of Interest form [PDF 23KB] [RTF 866KB]


Housing Assistance Program Operational Guidelines

Housing Assistance Program Operational Guidelines


Public Housing Asset Management Strategy

Public Housing Asset Management Strategy

Research and Forums

Presentation-Public Housing Renewal Program - November 2014 [PDF 445KB] [PowerPoint 508KB]
Cracking the Code: The ins and outs of public housing [PDF 259KB] [PowerPoint 747KB]
Report Measuring ACT Homelessness [PDF 338KB] [WORD 382KB]
Report Measuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Homelessness [PDF 264KB] [WORD 255KB]



Letter of Support - Early Allocation and/or Special Needs Housing [PDF 22KB] [Word 164KB]
Changes to Client Details - Applications List [PDF 92.4] [RTF 183.7]
Commissioner for Social Housing Standard Tenancy Agreement [PDF 75KB] [RTF 179KB]
Registration to apply for Social Housing Assistance in the ACT External Link
Application for a Rental Rebate
Application for Review of Decision [PDF 182KB] [RTF 513KB]
Vacants - Notice of Intention to Vacate [PDF 469KB] [Word 534KB]



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