Market Rent Review Program

What is it?

Each year the market rent for each ACT Public Housing property is assessed by an independent and qualified valuer. The aim of this is to ensure the rent is in line with the broader market.

It may affect the rent that you pay under your tenancy.

What happens?

Each year, a sample of ACT public housing properties is chosen for the independent valuer to inspect to provide an idea of the market rent across all public housing. The sample is selected to ensure it covers all types and styles of public housing properties.

Any tenants living in a home that is chosen to be part of this sample will be advised in writing. As part of this process, the valuer will want to inspect the properties that are chosen.
If you are one of these tenants, you have the right to ask not to be included in the review but this may mean that the valuer does not get the best information possible.

After the valuer has completed their inspections they provide their information to Housing ACT which checks the information.

We will then send out letters to all tenants to advise you whether your rent has stayed the same, gone up or gone down. We will also advise tenants who receive a rebate if their rents will be affected. Generally, tenants in receipt of a rebate are unaffected by any change in rent.

If you want to challenge the new market rent these letters will also advise you on how you can do this, either through a Housing ACT process or directly to an independent organisation called the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT).

When will the new rents start?

We will give you eight weeks notice of any change in rents. We will also have a team of people who can provide you with support if you need it.

What happens next?

We plan to begin assessing properties in September/October 2016. We expect the valuer to provide their report to Housing ACT during November 2016.

In December 2016 we will write letters to tenants advising that as a result of the review, rents may change eight weeks after the letter is sent - whether your rent has stayed the same, increased or decreased.

In March 2017, we will write another letter to tenants who sought a review of the increase in market rent advising them of the outcome of the review of their rent.