2017-2018 Tenant Participation Grants Program


Applications open 9:00 am, Monday, 4 December 2017

Applications close 5:00 pm, Monday, 29 January 2018

Please read these guidelines carefully before completing your application online


Housing ACT is pleased to announce the availability of the 2017-18 Tenant Participation Grants Program.


This Grant Program provides funding for activities that promote participation in the ACT community. The primary aim of the program is to encourage and support ACT Social Housing (Public Housing and Community Housing) tenants and their families to participate in a range of sporting, arts, cultural, education, employment and training activities for physical, social and personal development. The program also supports participation in domestic and family violence awareness training.

The Program does not aim to fund IT equipment, hardware or capital works.

Priority Areas

Applications that demonstrate an active focus on the following priority areas will be viewed favourably.

Social Inclusion of ACT Social Housing Tenants

Activities which assist ACT Social Housing tenants and their families to participate in a range of sporting, arts and cultural activities.

Support Workforce

Activities which assist ACT Social Housing tenants to access programs and training that increase their ability to find work, reintegrate back into employment, re-skill and ensure that they remain active and productive members in our community.

Domestic and Family Violence Training

Activities which assist ACT Social Housing tenants and their families to participate in awareness training on Domestic and Family Violence to support them to identify and respond appropriately to incidents of violence.

Funding Categories

Eligible individuals may submit one (1) application in only one of the following three (3) categories. Applicants should consider the main purpose of their activity and choose the most suitable category.

Social Inclusion

This category supports ACT Social Housing tenants and their families to participate in a range of sporting, arts and cultural activities.

Activities that will be considered for funding under this category will:

  1. Encourage participation in new and existing activities such as sporting, arts and cultural activities in the ACT community.
  2. Provide support for registration fees, uniforms, materials and equipment required to perform the activity.

Supporting Employment

This category supports ACT Social Housing tenants to participate in education for employment and other training activities.

Activities that will be considered for funding under this category will:

  1. Support skills development for current or future employment to re-engage in the workforce.
  2. Encourage further education and training.
  3. Support care for a child or children to enable attendance at education or training activities.

Domestic and Family Violence Training

This category supports ACT Social Housing tenants and their families to participate in Domestic and Family Violence Awareness training.

Available Funding

A total amount of $35,000 (GST exclusive) is available in the 2017-18 funding round across all funding categories.

Grants are one-off for the activities specified and are not intended as a recurring funding source.

Individual applications are capped to a non-recurrent grant up to $400.00 (GST exclusive).

Eligibility Requirements

Individual Eligibility Requirements

Only individuals that meet the following eligibility requirements may apply:

  1. ACT Social Housing (Public Housing or Community Housing) resident;
  2. all previous ACT Government grants, must be fully acquitted and all reporting obligations fully met;
  3. proof of registration or intent to register in a sporting, arts, cultural or Domestic and Family Violence program; (Applicants must provide proof of registration with the acquittal of the grant if not submitted with application);
  4. proof of registration or intent to register in a learning activity that may assist in developing skills for current or future employment; (Applicants must provide proof of registration with the acquittal of the grant if not submitted with application);
  5. proof of enrolment in childcare for attendance at education or training activities in developing skills for current or future employment;
  6. only one (1) application per eligible individual is allowed; and
  7. only one (1) application is required when applying for more than one (1) person in the same household. However, details of the activities and budget must be submitted for each person, and must not be combined except where the activity is identical. In this situation costs will be billed on a pro rata basis.

If you do not comply with the above eligibility requirements, your application will not be assessed for funding.

Exclusions on the use of Grants Funding

Funding will exclude (but is not limited to):

  1. IT equipment and hardware;
  2. activities that do not contribute to the Aim of the Grants Program;
  3. activities where alternative sources of funding are more appropriate;
  4. activities that do not occur primarily within the Australian Capital Territory;
  5. salaries where the salary forms part of the individual’s usual responsibility;
  6. retrospective costs — activities or purchases which have already taken place or been completed;
  7. commitments such as contracts, hire purchases or rental agreements for any goods beyond the period funded;
  8. purchase or lease of real estate;
  9. festivals, parties and celebrations;
  10. prize money;
  11. travelling allowances, including overseas travelling; and
  12. activities which are deemed to be inappropriate and/or offensive.

Assessment of Applications

A Panel of Assessors (Panel) will review all applications and recommend eligibility and priority within the available funds. The Panel will make their recommendation based on the information provided in the application.

All eligible funding applications will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

  1. Proposal - whether the activity supports the funding priorities for 2017-18.
  2. Benefit - demonstrates a clear benefit for the individual for the activity.
  3. Priority Area – demonstrates how the activity meets one or more funding priorities.
  4. Funding – outlines the costs associated with the grant application, including (where applicable) personal contributions or contributions from others.
  5. Activity Plan/Timetable – describes when the funding is required and the period the activity is to cover.

Assessment decisions are usually notified within thirty (30) days of each funding opportunity closing.

Accepting a Grant

Grant Requirements

  1. Successful applicants will be required to enter into an Agreement with the ACT Government setting out the terms and conditions for which funding will be provided, including acquittal requirements within the agreed timeframe; this Agreement will be a Letter of Offer.
  2. The ACT Government does not carry any responsibility for the activity undertaken funded by the Tenant Participation Grant.
  3. Funds may be spent only on items and activities specified in the agreed Letter of Offer. Any unspent funds must be returned to Housing ACT.
  4. If you wish to change your Grant in any way, you must first obtain written permission from the Housing ACT Contact Officer.
  5. The names, project descriptions and funding amount of all successful applications will be posted on the Community Services Directorate’s website following the assessment process; by accepting a grant you agree to this requirement.

Acquittal Requirements

All successful applicants must expend the funds within the timeframes nominated in the Letter of Offer; this is normally twelve (12) months from receipt of funds or at the completion of the activity, whichever is sooner.

An acquittal of the grant must be provided within thirty (30) days of the completion of the grant activity, or by the date specified in the Letter of Offer. Any unexpended funds are to be returned at the time of acquitting the grant. An acquittal form will be supplied to successful applicants with their Letter of Offer.

Registration proof of activity must be submitted with your acquittal form.

We require you to keep ALL receipts and submit them with your acquittal form.

Please note: To be eligible for funding in future grant rounds, applicants must meet all acquittal requirements.

Important Information for Applicants


The ACT Government is committed to making its information, services, events and venues, accessible to as many people as possible.

If you have difficulty reading a standard printed document and would like to receive this publication in an alternative format please telephone (02) 6205 0282.

If English is not your first language and you require the translating and interpreting services – please telephone 131 450.

If you are deaf or hearing impaired and require the National Relay Service phone 133 677 then ask for 133 427.

When to submit your application

¨Applications open 9:00 am, Monday, 4 December 2017.

Applications close 5:00 pm, Monday, 29 January 2018.

Applications received after 5:00pm, Monday, 29 January 2018, will not be accepted.

How to submit your application

All applications are preferred to be submitted online via the online Tenant Participation Grants Application Form at SmartyGrants website.

If you are having any difficulty in accessing the Application Form please contact the Tenant Participation Grants Program Officer for assistance.

You will need to create a log-in to begin your application and you may begin anywhere in the Application Form. Please ensure you save as you go. If an error occurs, please contact the Program Officer on (02) 6205 1401 or, during business hours, on email DHCSContractsandGrants@act.gov.au and quote your application number.

Navigating (moving through) the application form

On the right hand side of every screen, there is a box which links directly to every page of the application. Click on any page to jump directly to that page. You can also click 'next page' or 'previous page' on the top or bottom of each page to move forward or backward through the application.

Saving your draft application and returning

You can press 'save' at any point and log out. When you log back in, your draft application will be saved and you can start where you left off.

Submitting your application

The submit button is on the final page. You will not be able to submit your application until all the questions are completed.

Attachments and support documents

You may wish to upload/submit attachments to support your application. This is very simple, but requires you to have the documents saved on your computer, on a zip drive, or similar. If you are not able to upload a document, please contact the Program Officer for support.

Completing an application in a group/team

A number of people can work on an application using the same log-in details provided that only one person is working on the application at any given time. Ensure you save as you go.

Once you have completed your application it must be submitted to the Program Officer.

NOTE: The Program Officer is unable to view your application until it is submitted.


If your application does not include all required documentation, such as quotes, it may be deemed ineligible. You can upload supporting documentation to your application on the page after the declaration and privacy statement.

Smarty Grants provides an online help guide for applicants. This guide will explain the essential steps you need to take to complete and submit your form. The help guide is accessible at SmartyGrants


Any additional information provided by Housing ACT as part of this grants program will be posted online at the Community Services website.

In addition all applicants that have started or submitted an online application form will be notified by email to the address that was registered with Smarty Grants.


What you can expect

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction in relation to the application process and/or an unsuccessful application for a grant.

You or your representatives have the right to raise your concerns. This information supports us to improve services and supports your right to ask questions about the grant application process as well as decisions made in relation to an unsuccessful application.

You can expect to:

  1. be treated respectfully, fairly and in confidence;
  2. have your concerns dealt with as soon as possible;
  3. be informed of progress; and
  4. be told of the outcome.

Further Information

For more information please contact the Tenant Participation Grants Program Officer:

Ms Liz Stewart-Jones phone: (02) 6205 1401
email: DHCSContractsandGrants@act.gov.au