Omnibus Draft Territory Plan Variation

The ACT Government is preparing an ‘Omnibus’ Draft Territory Plan Variation that will propose changing zoning and development opportunities for approximately 17 sites across Canberra, including several public housing sites. These planning changes will pave the way for appropriate redevelopment in the future.

The omnibus draft variation supports the Government’s land release program and the revitalisation of the public housing portfolio consistent with the Public Housing Asset Management Strategy 2012–2017. It also builds on the ACT Planning Strategy, which aims to create a more compact and efficient city that offers employment opportunities, which is an important part of the ACT Government’s initiatives to stimulate the ACT economy.

Rather than issue individual draft variations for each site, the draft variations are being combined into an omnibus variation. This will allow the community to gain an appreciation of the overall issues that underpin the variation.
Planning studies into the sites have commenced. The public housing tenants at the relevant sites have been advised about the upcoming draft variation and engagement with stakeholders and community councils has commenced, including briefings.

These briefings and meetings inform councils and the community of the omnibus draft variation process and gain information that will help inform how the sites might be developed. They will assist in formulating the actual Territory Plan amendment proposals before they are released for formal community consultation, expected in September.

The draft variation will go through the usual Territory Plan amendment process, with the Legislative Assembly making the ultimate decision on each site.

Contact officer:

Peter Johns,
Senior Manager
Phone :02 62053818

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