Research paper: ACT Government Emergency Material and Financial Aid (EMFA) Project

Emergency Material and Financial Aid (EMFA) is a critical form of support for individuals and families who experience poverty and disadvantage, offering short term assistance for those in financial crisis to deal with their immediate situation. In recent years, the number of people in Australia requesting this type of support has increased and clients are presenting with more diverse and complex needs.

The ACT Government is seeking to better understand the needs of people in the ACT experiencing poverty and disadvantage. The Community Services Directorate engaged the Centre for Public Service Research, University of New South Wales (UNSW) to examine the nature of poverty in the ACT and contemporary approaches to providing emergency relief in Australia.

The UNSW paper examines the evidence base for different approaches to assisting individuals and families experiencing poverty; explores the ACT context; and makes recommendations about effective future EMFA responses in the ACT. In developing the paper, researchers considered a range of models in providing emergency relief across Australia and overseas, as well as submissions from organisations currently delivering EMFA services in the ACT.
This research paper can be accessed on this page