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Disability ACT

Future Directions : Towards Challenge 2014 This is the ACT Government’s policy direction for people with disability in the ACT. Documents associated with Future Directions:

Future Directions: Towards Challenge 2014
Five year policy framework [PDF 83.5KB] [Word 135KB]
2009-2010 implementation plan [PDF 345KB]
[Word 30KB]
2010-2014 implementation plan [Designer PDF 432KB]
Measures of success [PDF 56KB] [Word 194KB]
Guidelines and procedures manual for the support of people with disabilities requiring hospital treatment [PDF 368KB]

Policy Management Framework

Policy Management Framework [PDF 395KB] [Word 410KB]

Other Policies and Publications

ISP Policy [PDF 1MB] [Word 328KB]

National Disability Agreement

National Standards for Disability Services

Digital Stories

Emerging leaders Better Practice Guide

The Emerging Leaders: Better Practice Guide has been designed to provide practical advice and tools to support the development of emerging leaders in the ACT disability sector.

Better Practice Guide for Emerging Leaders in the ACT Disability Sector [PDF 1.2MB] [Word 1.2KB]