ACT NDIS Workforce Awareness

Do you work in the disability sector? Perhaps you work for a community organisation or government agency. Or maybe you are a healthcare worker or teacher and sometimes work with people with disability.

If you work or have contact with people with disability, this information can help you understand what you need to know about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), so you can better help your clients and customers.

My NDIS Awareness Checker

Use this quick online tool to find out what you need to know about the NDIS.
NDIS Awareness Checker

How to use these resources

These resources are split into two different components, depending on the type of work you do:

  1. DIRECT WORKERS, those who work directly with people with disability.
  2. INDIRECT WORKERS, those who might have some contact with people with disability, but not every day.

You can use these resources in a number of ways:

  • Give your staff the link to the ACT NDIS website so they can work through the material at their own pace.
  • Talk about the NDIS at staff meetings or regularly over a number of weeks.
  • Print the factsheets and place copies in staff rooms or common areas for people to read when they can.

For more information about how to use these resources.

Orientation Pack

If you have new workers starting in your organisation, download an orientation pack for them about the NDIS.
Download the Orientation Pack zip file

Let’s Get Started!

Each element of this resource covers different issues related to the NDIS. Work your way through them all, or click on the ones you want to find out more about.

Direct Workers Resources - Staff in disability organisations or agencies and other people who work closely with people with disabilities (including support workers and managers, teachers in specialist and mainstream schools, Disability ACT and Therapy ACT staff and allied health professionals).

Do you work closely with people with disability, their families and carers? This module is for direct workers and contains comprehensive resources about the NDIS. The more you know, the better able you will be to help people as they become participants in the Scheme.

Indirect Workers Resources - Staff who might have less frequent or less involved personal contact with people with disability (i.e. receptionists, nurses and paediatricians and social workers).

Do you just need to know the basics so you can be better informed if people ask about the NDIS? This Module is for indirect workers – those who might work with people with disability occasionally, but won’t be expected to know a lot of information about the NDIS.