Housing and Tenancy Options

“Your son or daughter will want to live in a community where they feel welcome; where they can participate and enjoy friendships, neighbourhood activities, and one that has a community spirit that enlivens everyday life.

Your son or daughter will need to have a place where they are in charge. Everyone wants their private domain to be their personal kingdom" (Reference Ouellette, A (2008) A Place to Call Home (2nd ed.) Canada: Eclectia Publications)

Considering what and where ‘home’ will be, is one of the big questions that has no quick or easy answer. People with disability live in all sorts of different living arrangements in the community. Every property and support arrangement is as unique as the person living in it.

Where Do I Start?

The Housing Options Facilitator can assist people with disability to identify and develop housing options that best meet their individual need.


What you can expect from the Housing Options Facilitator

The facilitator will:

  • Assist by providing a housing options planning service to people with disability, their families and advocates,
  • Assist by working in partnership with community agencies who are responsible for planning,
  • Provide community education about housing options for people with disability, and;
  • Provide information tools including the housing options decision making framework.

The facilitator will not:

  • Provide funding or allocate accommodation support place; and
  • Providing Housing ACT services, except a referral to those services.

To contact the Housing Options Facilitator call the Disability ACT information service 6207 1086 email: DACThouseoptions@act.gov.au


Things to Consider

Property – Ownership and tenancy

Housing options can be part of self-determination or safeguarding a person with disability. Options include private tenancy; home ownership (including Property Trusts), Housing ACT direct tenancy and community housing.
More information on property - ownership and tenancy

Property - Building

Thinking about bricks and mortar might could feel like a safe place to start planning.
More information on property - building


This is about knowing who will make change when change is needed by sharing responsibility. It is about decisions, such as: setting goals; deciding what is important and planning. The practice is that multiple people are involved to help safeguard and progress the best interests and best outcomes for the person.
More information on governance

Financial Arrangements

Financial arrangements include personal income, investments, government funding, concessions, services and grants.
More information on financial arrangements

Considering Support

What are the various supports including ongoing formal and informal supports and assistance that can contribute to a unique life that is built around the person.
More information on considering support

Management and Administration

This is about managing practical everyday decisions that may include organising direct support staff, giving information to staff, paying bills and organising cleaning.
More information on management and administration



Create an individual housing options plan

Create an individual housing options plan with Disability ACT Housing Options Framework [PDF 214KB] [Word 276KB]

Further information about property in the ACT [PDF 191KB] [Word 348KB]

Support options booklet [PDF 274KB] [Word 437KB]
Housing Options Facilitator Information Paper [PDF 162KB] [Word 69KB]

Disability ACT Housing and Tenancy Outcome Principals [PDF 157KB] [Word 68KB]


The practical aspects of property planning

A Place to Call Home: Thinking it Through (Mamre - Pave the Way, Queensland) External Link
From House to Home: Housing, Tenancy and support for People with Complex Needs Related to their Disability (Disability ACT)
Universal Design Guide (Disability WA) External Link

Decision-making and shared responsibility

Choreographing life: How authority and responsibility can be delegated and shared in right relationship in the lives of people with a disability when they use services that support daily life Home West Association 2007. External Link

Information about different financial arrangements

Home and Community Care funding information External Link

Practical aspects of property

Special Disability Trusts Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (2006) External Link Tenants Union ACT External Link