Government Supported Accommodation

Transition of the Disability ACT Support  Services under the NDIS

People supported by Disability ACT have embraced the  opportunity to exercise choice and control as the NDIS has been  implemented  in the ACT.

  • All residents of  Disability ACT’s Accommodation Support Service have transitioned to the NDIS.
  • The transition  of  tenancy management from Disability ACT to community providers is  almost complete. The Working Together Team and  Housing  ACT continue to work together to support the few households which have not yet  transitioned to an alternative tenancy provider.
  • The transition of  support service provision from Disability ACT to community providers chosen by  residents and their families, has progressed quickly. As of 3 November  2016:
    • 53 households have  moved to a new service provider
    • 2 households are yet  to move to their chosen service provider

Disability ACT Family Forums

As the process to transition individuals  receiving  Disability ACT support to a Community Provider is  near completion , our role as Service Provider has reduced considerably.  As a result the last Disability ACT Family Forum was held on 26 May  2016 as there is no longer a need for these forums.  Minutes from  previous Family Forums can be accessed via the link below. Please note that due  to minimal attendance at the Family Forum held on 26 May 2016, formal minutes  were not required.

Disability ACT Family Forums Minutes

Minutes from Family Forum Disability ACT - 3 December 2015