Future Directions: A Framework for the ACT 2004 - 2008

Future Directions

Disability ACT, Future Directions for the ACT 2004 - 2008 is the result of an extensive consultation process undertaken by Disability ACT with people with disabilities, their families and carers, community, service providers. It is also consistent with the Government’s response to Recommendation 3 of the Board of Inquiry into Disability Services.

Future Directions identifies four strategic directions that will benefit all people with a disability, their families and carers who live in the ACT. These include promoting an inclusive society; strengthening the capacity of people with disabilities to maximise control over their lives; improving planning and the use of available funding; and developing a sustainable service delivery sector. It providesa framework through which Disability ACT can support people with disabilities to realise their vision and their rights to self determination, respect, dignity and participation at all levels in the community.

It is closely linked with the Government’s Building Our Communities, The Canberra Social Plan and is in keeping with the Government’s vision for Canberra, Where all people reach their potential, make a contribution and share the benefits of our community.

Disability ACT has also established the Future Directions 2004 - 2008 Implementtion Structure, consisting of an Oversight Group and four Reference Groups, each with a minimum of 50% community membership.  The focus of each Reference Group is based on one of the four strategic directions of Future Directions.

Strategic Direction 1 [PDF 30KB]: Influence policy and culture to promote an inclusive society.
Strategic Direction 2 [PDF 26KB]: Strengthening the capacity of people with disabilities, their families and carers to maximise control over their lives. 
Strategic Direction 3 [PDF 32KB]:Improve planning and use of available funding to meet the needs of people requiring ongoing support.
Strategic Direction 4 [PDF 29KB]: In partnership with with Community Sector, strengthen the sustainability and responsiveness of the Service Delivery Sector.

Future Directions: A Framework for the ACT 2004 - 2008 [PDF 2,924KB] [Word 370KB]
Future Directions Budget [XLS 21KB]

Future Directions Document available in mp3 format:
Vision and Values [MP3 1,609KB]
Future Directions Part 1 [MP3 12MB]
Future Directions Part 2 [MP3 10MB]
Future Directions Part 3 [MP3 4MB]
Future Directions (complete) [MP3 29MB]

Challenge 2014 - A ten year vision for disability in the ACT

Challenge 2014 is based on a vision and set of overarching values, the Vision and Values statement, that was developed through extensive consultation with the community.

Challenge 2014 puts meaning and practical relevance to the vision that the ACT Government has embraced for all people with disabilities achieving what they want to achieve, living how they choose to live, and being valued as full and equal members of the ACT community. It incorporates values that every person in the community can relate to. These include self determination, inclusion, equality, equity, freedom of access, safety and representation.

Challenge 2014 [PDF 2,226KB] [Word 146KB]

Challenge 2014 Document available in mp3 format:
Vision and Values [MP3 1, 609KB]
Challenge 2014 Part 1 [MP3 2,889KB]
Challenge 2014 Part 2 [MP3 1,419KB]
Challenge 2014 Part 3 [MP3 2,243KB]
Challenge 2014 Part 4 [MP3 1,733KB]
Challenge 2014 (complete) [MP3 8MB]

Supporting Documentation

Report on Feedback from the Future Directions consultations [PDF 254KB] [Word 343KB]

Having our voices heard: a discussion paper based on the Disability Reform Group Community Consultation - July 2002 [PDF 219KB] [Word 2.28MB]

People at the centre - seeing new possibilities: report on community consultation for the ACT Disability Reform Group - 26 August 2002 [PDF 219KB] [Word 2.44MB]

Imagining better together: a report on disability reform vision and values workshops held in March 2003 [PDF 2.24MB] [Word 2.24MB]

Quality in Disability Services - a consumers view: a Report for the ACT Disability Advisory Council, prepared by Sue Salthouse, Didactic Enterprises, 2002 [PDF 597KB] [Word 686KB]

Vision and Values

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Government Response to the report for the Board of Inquiry into Disability Services [PDF 190KB]

Implementation of the Government Response to the Recommendations of the Report of the Board of Inquiry into Disability Services

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Government responds to Gallop with "Steps to Reform" [PDF 174KB] Mr Bill Wood MLA, Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services 26 September 2002

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