ACT Disability Sector

With the transition to the NDIS  the ACT Government has stepped down its funding to community organisations to  deliver disability services. This funding has transferred to the NDIS to be  passed on to NDIS participants, through their individual packages,  so  they can choose the supports and services they prefer.

In this new environment, the way  service providers come together is changing and the National Disability   Insurance  Agency  (NDIA) will increasingly take on a market  stewardship role. This will include monitoring and supporting the development  of the NDIS market in the ACT.  

The NDIA regularly posts useful  information on its website: Link

National Disability Service   (ACT) is funded by the Commonwealth NDIS Sector Development Fund   until December 2016 to support the ACT disability sector to prepare for  the NDIS. Find out more at: Link