Self Care

Occupational therapy is the promotion of health and well-being by facilitating meaningful occupation. Occupational therapists work with people who have difficulty doing things that are related to areas of occupational performance, i.e. self care, productivity and leisure. These include activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, feeding and washing.

It is important for children to be able to learn skills in order to become more independent, as part of growing up. Being independent provides a sense of achievement and a sense of worth enhancing a child’s overall self esteem.

Self-Care and Activities of Daily Living, including:-

  • Posture, eg. balance, head control, seating and positioning
  • Feeding and eating, eg. oral skills for breast/bottle feeding, texture progression, swallowing
  • Using tools when eating (knife, fork, spoon) or in self-care (toothbrush, comb, hairbrush)
  • Toileting, e.g. pulling pants up/down, organising self, toilet timing and personal hygiene
  • Dressing, e.g. zips, buttons or shoelaces

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