Drop In Clinics

Physiotherapy Drop In Clinic Timetable 2017 [PDF 163KB] [Word 273KB]

Speech Pathology Drop In Clinic Timetable 2017 [PDF 162KB] [Word 275KB]

Drop in Clinic Letter

Attendance at a Speech Pathology or Physiotherapy Drop-In Clinic provides parents in the ACT with an opportunity to discuss issues about their child's communication skills with a speech pathologist or discuss issues and seek information and advice about their child's gross motor development and posture, movement and walking with a Physiotherapist.

Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy Drop-In Clinics are available for children 0-6 years who have a residential address in the ACT and are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Drop-In Clinics take the form of an informal discussion and screening of skills and is not a formal assessment.

No appointment is necessary, an approximate timeslot will be provided upon arrival. You should expect a waiting period to see a therapist, and this will vary depending on the number of people who attend the Drop-In Clinic. There are a limited number of people who can be seen within the Drop-In Clinic session and if the maximum number is reached parents will be advised to attend another Drop- in Clinic or contact Intake.

Do I need to accompany my child to a Drop-In Clinic?

YES. A child is normally accompanied by a parent or guardian. If this is not possible, the person bringing the child must bring written consent from the parent or guardian.

Parents and guardians may attend any Speech Pathology or Physiotherapy Drop-In Clinic across different locations in the ACT. If further assessment is recommended following the Drop-In, a referral will be made to the appropriate service.

What can the physiotherapist and speech pathologist help with at the Drop-In Clinic?

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend a Drop-In Clinic if they have concerns about their children in any of the following areas:-

Physiotherapy Posture

  • Foot position e.g. in-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet
  • Clumsiness
  • Delays in reaching milestones e.g. sitting, standing, walking
  • Delays in gross motor development e.g. jumping, hopping, climbing
  • Difficulties with catching, throwing, kicking balls.

Speech Pathology

  • Speech (sounds)
  • Language (understanding and speaking)
  • Fluency (stuttering)

A written summary of the Speech Pathology or Physiotherapy Drop-In session is provided for parents.

What concerns can NOT be addressed through the Drop-In Clinics?

The following concerns are NOT addressed through a Drop-In Clinic:

  • Sporting injuries, back conditions and painful joints (refer to your doctor or musculoskeletal physiotherapist)
  • Voice disorders
  • Fine Motor Problems, e.g. handwriting, cutting
  • Feeding and Swallowing Issues
  • Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy concerns regarding children who are above 0-6 years of age, adolescents or adults.
  • Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy concerns where the child has already been assessed as eligible for the NDIS.