The human voice provides the basic sound for speech and singing. It expresses much of the meaning of what we want to say. Our voice tells other people a lot about our emotions, personality and physical and emotional health.

Is your child

  • Using the number of words appropriate for their age
  • Putting words together in sentences or forming sentences correctly
  • Following directions
  • Understanding what others say
  • Saying sounds clearly and being understood by others
  • Stuttering - repeating or getting stuck on words or sentences
  • Early communication development, e.g. eye contact, joint attention, turn-taking or imitation

Information Sheets

The following Information Sheets are a reference guide.


University of Sydney

Love and Reilly Language Resources

Carolyn Bowen
Adele Miccio

Hearing loss is common in children even after passing their newborn screening. See causes of hearing loss.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children
Effects of Hearing Loss on Development

For children under 18 months - please seek a referral from your doctor.
Australian Hearing

For children 18 months +
ACT Health - Audiometry