Children Young Peoples Equipment Loan Service (CAYPELS)

Children and Young People Equipment Loan Service

The Children and Young People Equipment Loan Service (CAYPELS) lends equipment to children and young people and their families to maximise their independence in daily living and support their participation in the community. This service is available to all residents of the ACT up to and including to the age of 16 years who require specialised equipment. CAYPELS aims to provide specialised equipment for loan to clinicians, clients and their carers for assessment, trial and loan. The prescribed equipment will be loaned to the parent/carer of the child or young person for an agreed period of time with regular reviews of need and extensions of loan where the item is still required.

As an equipment loan service CAYPELS does not provide assessment and prescription of equipment and requires that clients be referred by a clinician (either public or private sector). Clinicians include Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

CAYPELS provides equipment which is specialised and enhances clients’ abilities in the areas of mobility, activities of daily living (e.g. personal care, play, leisure, transport), communication and assistive technology.

Fact Sheet [PDF 146KB] [Word 73KB]
CAYPELS Procedures [PDF 1.7MB] [RTF 6.4MB]


Review Report [PDF 277KB] [RTF 2MB]

Clinician Registration

All referring clinicians are required to register with CAYPELS prior to using the service. The clinicians’ employer will be asked to complete a registration form and provide documentation to confirm the clinicians’ qualifications and or where relevant, their registration status and their ability to practise within the ACT.

CAYPELS Clinician Registration [PDF 147KB] [RTF 135KB]

Equipment Inventory

CAYPELS’ Equipment Inventory has information on all items in the CAYPELS equipment pool. Clinicians and clients are encouraged to examine the inventory prior to requesting equipment from CAYPELS. CAYPELS staff are available to advice on whether any particular item is available for loan.

The following inventory documents are only available in Microsoft Excel format. If an alternative format is required for accessibility please contact the CAYPELS team on 6207 1277.

Adult Equipment [PDF 751KB] [Excel 1.8MB]
Assistive Technology [PDF 566KB] [Excel 1.8MB]
Communication Devices [PDF 245KB] [Excel 835KB]
Mobility Aids [PDF 386KB] [Excel 1.5MB]
Pressure Care and Beds [PDF 60KB] [Excel 276KB]
Seating and Positioning [PDF 1MB] [Excel 2MB]
Software and Programs [PDF 213KB] [Excel 777KB]
Standing Frames [PDF 161KB] [Excel 510KB]
Toileting and Bathing [PDF 381KB] [Excel 1MB]
Transferring [PDF 249KB] [Excel 571KB] Transport [PDF 130KB] [Excel 599KB]
Wheelchairs and Stollers [PDF 202KB] [Excel 2.1MB]


Loaning Equipment

All CAYPELS equipment can be loaned to clients or clinicians. CAYPELS equipment can be reserved by clinicians by completing a Clinicians Equipment Loan Deed Schedule and sending this to CAYPELS. This form must be completed for all equipment loaned to a clinician. A Client Equipment Loan Deed Schedule must be completed for any equipment loaned to a client. Clinicians or clients can be loaned up to 5 items of equipment at a time.

CAYPELS Equipment Fact Sheet [PDF 42KB] [Word 89KB]
Equipment Loan Deed Schedule [PDF 131KB] [Word 284KB]
Clinician Equipment Loan Deed Schedule [PDF 146KB] [Word 156KB]
Clinician Equipment Loan Deed Conditions [PDF 184KB] [RTF 199KB]
Client Equipment Loan Deed Schedule [PDF 169KB] [Word 148KB]
Client Equipment Loan Deed Conditions [PDF 176KB] [RTF 148KB]

CAYPELS items are available for assessment or loan. Assessment items are available for a maximum period of 4 weeks. Loan items are available for an initial period of 6 months and may be extended to a maximum period of 12 months. Clinicians nominate the length of loan based on client need, availability of equipment for loan and the funding and purchasing processes for the item for the client.

Home delivery/collection is normally to be by the clinician or family but in certain circumstances equipment can also be collected or delivered by CAYPELS staff. The relevant section of the Equipment Loan Deed Schedule must be completed when transport of equipment is required.


Reviews and Extensions of Loans

CAYPELS items on loan will be reviewed by CAYPELS staff on a regular basis. CAYPELS administration will notify the clinician and the client in writing when a review is due. Clinicians must advice the CAYPELS administrative officer of the outcome of their review. CAYPELS admin will then either arrange collection of the equipment or an extension of the loan period.

CAYPELS Loan Review Form [PDF 140KB] [RTF 147KB]
CAYPELS Loan Review Letter [PDF 135KB] [RTF 118KB]

Equipment Specifications

These information sheets provide information on each item of the equipment such as supplier, dimensions and other features. This information will assist with equipment purchase and prescription.

User Guides

These information sheets provide information for users of a particular piece of equipment such as cleaning and maintenance instructions and how to use the equipment safely.

Contact Details

CAYPELS staff are located at the Holder Centre, Corner of Weingarth street and Blackwood Terrace, Holder and can be contacted on (02) 6205 1242.